Slow down,

nurture yourself, and find happiness within 

with our seasonal, 

themed wellness Kits

Introducing Your First Aid Kit for Stress

Bliss Kit is a thoughtfully curated box of natural products, enlightening rituals, and blissful experiences for women of all ages who yearn to feel beautiful inside and out.

What you can expect in your kit:

· Full-size natural, non-toxic skin, beauty and wellness products and enlightening content to help you slow down and find your bliss.

· Quarterly Kit mails in the first week of each quarter or as you sign up.

· Instructions for how to use your kit and how it will enhance your being.

· Mindful recommendations on the little things you can do to make a difference for yourself and the planet.

· A percentage of our revenue will go to a cause that aligns with our mission and our brand.

· Subscriptions automatically renew the first of the month for each quarter (or when you signed up in that month).   Cancel anytime. Refer a  friend and you both receive a discount.

BLISS: (noun)

To feel whole, entire, and undiminished; supreme happiness; heaven; paradise.


Bring Me Bliss!

KIT: (noun)

A set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose.

I'm ready for some Bliss

Why Bliss Kit?

In collaboration with LA Yoga Magazine and Bliss Network we will use our 16 years of exploration on the newest trends in wellness and mindfulness, organic products and natural beauty trends, and healthy rituals from around the world, to inspire, delight and surprise you.

Our subscribers not only care about the products they use, they also care about the companies that make a positive impact on our planet and the people and animals on it – which is why Bliss Kit will endeavor to partner and give to an aligned charity each year.

How It Works

Step 1

Sign up

Subscribe to find your bliss. Or give the gift of bliss to someone special.

Step 2


Your Kit is delivered to your door. Unwrap your package and indulge in the experience inside.

Step 3


You give us feedback about your experience. Give friends a referral and get $ off your next Kit. We give a % of revenue each year to a charity aligned with our purpose.

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